Fabricators, retailers, designers and consumers now have the ability to quickly preview slabs of granite, marble, quartz, onyx, limestone, soap stone and others on M S International's (MSI) website.

With 17 MSI distribution centers located throughout the U.S., customers can preview the actual slabs available for their project. 

“The slab selection process for a consumer can be overwhelming with over 400 colors to choose from, said Rupesh Shah, president of MSI. "By allowing consumers to view on-line the actual slabs that are available in their area, we believe we can provide more choice and variety to the consumer and allow them to start the purchasing process from their desktop at home or with their mobile device and finalize the process during their visit to one of our showrooms. With over 30,000 pictures of slabs available, we believe this is the largest selection of real time slab inventory in the world.”

To preview slabs available in an MSI distribution center, visit msistone.com/countertops and select from one of the 12 natural stone product categories and then the color category. From this screen, select the “Preview Actual Slabs Available In Your Area” button in the top right corner, just above the image of the slab.  

"Once a customer selects the bundle they are most interested in, information including the number of slabs, and the square feet available is indicated. It is recommended that customers write down the Item Description, Item ID, Bundle, and Location of the slab they desire. When visiting the MSI location, they can preview their choices, or explore other options," said Shah.

For more information, visit msistone.com.