Floorvana App
Shaw Floors' new Floorvana app is connecting real-life inspiration to flooring.

Shaw Industries has launched the Floorvana app, which lets the consumer capture her inspiration anywhere and transform it to the floor, noted Misty Hodge, Shaw’s director of digital platforms.

According to Kit Yarrow, award-winning consumer psychologist and author of “On the New Consumer Mindset,” three-quarters of shoppers would rather use their smartphones than consult store associates for simple tasks, and almost half of smartphone owners have downloaded retailer apps.

So imagine having an app that helps her select flooring while she’s in your store. “Floorvana is an app that connects her inspiration to Shaw flooring in a revolutionary way,” Hodge said. “Have you ever had a customer struggle to find just the right color that complements her space? Have you ever wanted to show her how easily she can connect her inspiration to a product so she can truly see what it would look like in real life?”

With Floorvana, she explained, a consumer can take a photo she’s always loved or spontaneously capture a new photo in the moment. “She could even just start with her favorite color. Her browsing experience will be ignited by her inspiration as she sees flooring options drawn directly from the essence of her photo. Plus, it will help her understand how she can connect her own inspiration to the flooring in her home.”

Here’s how Floorvana works:

•First, the consumer takes a photo. “She can capture moments of calmness, excitement, or whatever she wants to feel when she enters the room,” Hodge said. “Let Floorvana draw from your inspiration and recommend flooring options that matter most to you.”

•Next, browse the selection: Floorvana helps find the right flooring based on what inspires her. She can customize her color palette and filter flooring types to fine tune Floorvana’s recommendations. And, the app allows her to easily compare options to make sure she makes the perfect choice.

•There’s more. “Don’t stop with just one project,” Hodge said. With Floorvana, she can create, store and share different ideas with different points of inspiration. Floorvana can be used to share ideas and to opinions and ideas from friends and family.”

Hodge added, "Show it to her while she’s in store if she hasn't seen it yet. It’s an experience that will bring a personal and special meaning to her home.”

The Floorvana app is free and works on both iPhone and Android devices.

For more information, visit shawfloors.com.