New from Armstrong's LinoArt Linoleum product line.

Armstrong World Industries's new LinoArt Linoleum line features six collections and over 110 colors, including the new Granette modular tile and Rhythmics sheet, to help create unique sustainable space solutions.

The new dimensionally stable LinoArt Linoleum Granette Tile is a modular offering available in three market demand sizes: 24-inches, 12- x 24-inches and 12-inches. The neutrals, grays, black and browns, along with bold artistic colors, textures, tonal qualities and embossing features, provide a natural organic look and textural feel. The new tile offers 25 colors and provides multiple shapes and sizes to mix, match and create an endless variety of patterns. 

Armstrong’s newest linoleum sheet, Rhythmics, is a contemporary linear design available in 12 colors. Marmorette and Colorette linoleum sheet collections are updated with the newest color trends and accent colors. 

The entire LinoArt collection provides natural flooring that coordinates easily with existing interiors and finishes for total design flexibility. The colors and design options make LinoArt linoleum ideal for applications in healthcare facilities, retail spaces and schools.

Armstrong linoleum is BioBased Certified, made up of organic and mineral-based raw materials, with a majority share being naturally renewable and contains up to 35% recycled content. Armstrong linoleum products use no plasticizers, chlorine, crude oil or heavy metals in the manufacturing process. Its linoleum products contribute to a low VOC environment and are a sustainable flooring choice for commercial spaces. 

According to the company, LinoArt linoleum can play a key role in keeping maintenance and labor costs down for facility owners and managers. The new NATURCote II high performance coating, featured on all LinoArt products, reduces the amount of cleaning products required. The built-in performance of NATURCote II coating withstands scratches and scuffs from foot traffic in heavily traveled areas. This new coating also provides resistance to soiling, stains and performs well against alcohol-based hand sanitizers and damage that may result from accidental exposure to high pH cleaning chemicals.

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