U.S. Customs officials continue to seize and destroy containers of laminate flooring that are illegally using Unilin’s patented click technology, according to the company.

"Very recently, multiple containers of laminate flooring manufactured by Changzhou Century Wind were seized and destroyed," said a Unilin representative. 

In 2007, Unilin, a division of Mohawk Industries, obtained a general exclusion order from the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) by which products utilizing Unilin’s click patent portfolio without authorization would be blocked from entry into the U.S., and in certain circumstances seized and destroyed. 

In 2012, Unilin introduced the holographic L2C label program, which facilitated the distinction between licensed and non-licensed products. Unilin also recorded its L2C trademark with U.S. Customs by which U.S. Customs would be able to seize products bearing a counterfeit holographic L2C label. 

Last March, Unilin filed several patent litigation actions in Los Angeles against importers brining in unlicensed products, despite several warnings from Unilin’s legal department that such imports were illegal.

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