ARCOM, a leader in building specification services and tools, and GreenWizard have taken the next step in their partnership to bring a brand new integrated product selection to specs. 
By finalizing their joint development agreement, they have planned the initial launch to take place at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) conference May 14 to 16 in Atlanta.
The partnership and development agreement are the first steps in introducing a brand new tool that integrates GreenWizard’s Building Product Management Solution with ARCOM’s technology offerings based on MasterSpec. This innovation will revolutionize the way industry professionals search, evaluate and specify products for all project needs across the construction space, according to the companies.
“This is the first for the industry and will revolutionize the way professionals select and specify products in the construction space. It is the future of specifications and another leap forward to improve collaboration and effectiveness for designers and specifiers,” said Jerry Lepore, CEO for GreenWizard. “All customers of GreenWizard or ARCOM will benefit from this partnership, saving time and money, and increasing accuracy and completeness for all who participate. There is strength in numbers with this partnership and the cooperation between our two organizations produces a stronger and more revolutionary solution for the market.” 
“The new ArcomOne platform debuting in May will provide MasterSpec editing and collaborative project capabilities in the cloud. Central to this new platform is the ‘add it to my project’ button that allows architects and engineers to utilize the websites of ARCOM trusted partners to select ‘self-editing’ products that are added to their specifications at ArcomOne,” said Matt Johnson, chief technology officer at ARCOM. “We have taken the additional step of providing a shared Master Product Library to building product manufacturers so product information need only be updated in one location and is ‘synced’ to partners.”
According to the company, GreenWizard is the first ARCOM trusted partner to integrate its product selection system with ArcomOne. This provides users of both platforms with the ability to combine product selection and spec writing into one efficient process. 
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