Thinner, Florida Tile's new large, thin, porcelain tile.

Florida Tile's newest product, Thinner, is a large, thin, porcelain tile as little as 3mm thick, with multiple benefits for new construction and makeovers, according to the company.

“Thinner is created with the latest technology in porcelain production," said Sean Cilona, Florida Tile's marketing director. "Using the finest raw materials combined with the newest manufacturing techniques, Florida Tile has created this entirely new product category. Thinner is incredibly lightweight, durable, flexible and easy to cut and handle, allowing an enormous possibility of installation options, only a fraction of which we have explored.” 
According to Cilona, the Florida Tile manufacturing process compresses each tile to greater than 15,000 tons per square inch (psi), resulting in a very dense, strong, thin tile with increased flexibility and breaking strength. A .5mm fiberglass mesh backing is adhered to each panel for additional strength, also allowing for ease of drilling, cutting and handling.
This process allows the company to create a single 3.5mm-thick panel with a size up to 39 x 118-inch. Depending on the product, Thinner is available in 3.5 and 5.5mm thicknesses.
Cilona added, “All Thinner products have been third-party tested at the Tile Council of North America laboratory. The 3plus line (3.5mm) is suitable for interior and exterior wall, floor and countertop applications in residential and light commercial construction. 5plus (5.5mm) received an “extra heavy” duty service rating and is ideal for commercial floor, wall and exterior applications as well as all residential floor, wall, countertop, stairs and the list goes on.” 
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