filtered effects
J+J Flooring's Invision brand has introduced Filtered Effects.

J+J Flooring Group's new Filtered Effects is an imaginative, full spectrum carpet collection from its Invision brand, inspired by the vintage visual of early photography.

According to the company, Filtered Effects brings the ability to either enhance or subdue your focus by playing with contrast and definition to create a rich, expressive design on the floor. The product line, ranging from 18 x 36-inch plank to 12-foot broadloom, enables products to easily and instantly interact with one another or each can stand alone to perfectly frame your space.

"The five products of Filtered Effects—Chroma, Spectra, Aperture, F-Stop and Exposure—allow for the manipulation of color and depth of scale to evoke a fresh emotion with each installation," said a J+J Flooring representative. "Whether a space requires a canvas of neutral sepia tones, subtle color washes, or saturated flashes of brights, there is a filtered option for every landscape."

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