Last week, Dwyer Marble & Stone Supply held its 2nd Annual Trend Night, “Margaritaville,” at its showroom in Farmington Hills, Mich., featuring HGTV personality Brooks Utley.

The event brought in a wide variety of industry people from all around the metro Detroit area and showcased the newest trends in exterior and interior surface materials.
“The whole purpose behind this event is to invite builders—both residential and commercial—designers and architects to see the new products our manufacturers are offering,” said Joseph Lack, architectural sales manager of Dwyer. “We have representation from our different manufacturers, including Santa Margherita Quartz, Fiandre Porcelain, Alfalux Porcelain, etc., and there are some natural stones we’re introducing to the design community so we wanted to invite them, have a nice casual atmosphere and get them to learn about our products from a design perspective.”
Attendees enjoyed hors d’ouevres, cocktails and margaritas while also socializing with fellow industry professionals.
“It’s good to see everyone get together like this,” said Utley. “Mainly to exchange ideas and the newest things out there so they’re aware of it.”
Utley, who is frequently featured on HGTV, offered attendees design tips revolving around his “recycle, reuse, repurpose” philosophy. As a contestant on Ellen’s Design Challenge, he continues to work with the television network on various projects as an expert in the industry.
“Whenever I deal with a home owner, a designer or we’re doing a TV show, we’re always thinking of teaching and getting people aware that the product we’re using is better built; it’s a green product,” said Utley. “You know, get out there and think of different ways to design things. There are so many more products available that people don’t know about and when you get designers and architects and some builders together like this, the key thing is learning off each other and making connections. Suddenly people are getting better at what they’re doing by working with others.”
The event also highlighted two continuing education presentations titled, “Quartz: The Ideal Sustainable Flooring and Surface Material” which gave attendees earned the opportunity to earn learning credits. Small samples of various kinds of quartz were passed around the audience ranging in consistency, texture and overall appearance.
The event, as a whole, showcased Dwyer as a one-stop shop when it comes to starting—and finishing—any type of renovation project.
“We have six degreed interior designers here who work with people from start to finish on a all projects, from a simple half bath remodel to a whole house,” said Lack. “We’ll go through all the plans and figure out what works best for any client’s budget.”
“Pretty much anything you would need, from stone to marble; whether you’re doing a kitchen or bathroom; flooring or anything exterior—that’s why they have it all and it’s rare to find a place like this that has it all,” added Utley. “Many places can show you catalogs whereas here you can actually see, touch, talk about sit down and design anything you want to do in your house, even if it’s a small project. This place will open up your mind to projects you may want to do six months from now.”
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