Bloomsburg Carpet's new Broadcloth—one of four additions to its Tuva Looms line.

Bloomsburg Carpet has added four products to its Tuva Looms line—Broadcloth, Veneer, Lineage and Visage.

According to the company, each product is made with Zeftron nylon, a fully renewable nylon 6 fiber that offers the best in style, performance and recyclability.

Inspired by natural textures and the stylistic creativity available through natural tones, the woven products can serve as the foundational piece for the design of any commercial interiors space. The coordinating patterns and common colorways work together, enabling designers to create spaces that are dynamic yet also complementary.
Central to each product’s unique design is the utilization of solid Zeftron colors twisted together to create a more complex and dynamic texture.
“Our mission is to develop great looking products that perform to the highest standards and are environmentally responsible," said Jim Cody, Bloomsburg's vice president of sales. "With Zeftron, we are able to achieve all three criteria. By fully utilizing Zeftron’s outstanding color palette and styling versatility, Broadcloth, Visage, Veneer and Lineage will have an incredible lifespan, while maintaining their sophisticated color and appearance. Designers will also appreciate Zeftron’s multiple sustainable attributes.” 
Broadcloth, Visage and Veneer are available in 10 colorways, while Lineage comes in eight. The colors range in tones from warm to cool and feature multiple different tones of hue. Woven on Bloomsburg’s double heddle velvet looms, each product is available in 12-foot broadloom. 
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