Linden Lumber has earned National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)/National Wood Flooring Association (NOFMA) mill certification.

“We welcome Linden as another partner in the NWFA/NOFMA certification program, helping to further establish the benchmark for quality hardwood products,” said Michael Martin, NWFA's president and CEO. “The continued growth of NWFA/NOFMA is a positive sign for the industry, highlighting the value of this quality-verification program. In turn, the certification highlights companies, like Linden, that know the importance of providing its customers with consistent, documented quality.” 

Linden entered the flooring business in 1988, but has been in the lumber industry for more than 50 years. The company manufactures, air dries, kiln dries and inspects its Southern hardwood products.

“Our flooring mill has been a vital part of our business for nearly 30 years,” said Hugh Overmyer, Linden Lumber's president. “Our employees have really come to appreciate the sense of accomplishment that comes with making a high-quality product, and they strive for that top quality every day.”

The NWFA/NOFMA certification shows that a manufacturer’s wood flooring meets or exceeds the industry standards for grade, configuration, moisture content and average board length. Certified mills are inspected a minimum of two times per year to ensure consistent grade standards are met.

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