Life Floor has opened its first U.S. manufacturing facility, housed within the Falcon Plastics’ Madison, S.D. location.

According to Jonathan Keller, CEO of the resilient manufacturer, this new location will shorten lead times, increase custom flooring options, fuel the company’s move into the residential flooring market and create new job opportunities. 

“When we looked at the skill of South Dakota’s workers, the decreased environmental impact of no longer having to ship our product across the ocean and the speed with which consumers can now get Life Floor, it became clear this was the best possible move for us,” he said. “Thanks to our partners, we’ve been able to start operations in Madison quickly."
Keller cited Falcon Plastics, the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Heartland Rural Electric Fund, the Lake Area Improvement Corporation and the REED Fund as organizations whose support was integral to their decision to come to Madison.
“Having our manufacturing so close to home is going to give us the flexibility to both serve our existing clients even more effectively and to reach new customers quickly,” he added. “There are a lot of opportunities ahead of us right now, and we’re confident that we’re in great shape to take advantage of them.” 

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