Tricycle, a Chattanooga, Tenn.,-based flooring software company, recently hosted an event called Virtual Tools/Authentic Design, at Dal-Tile's natural stone showroom in Atlanta.

The connection between creativity, authentic design and virtual tools was the topic of a panel discussion. 

“Authenticity requires design intent and cultural context. It connects us to our humanity," said Royce Epstein, Mohawk Industries' director of design segment.
Participants explored the role of virtual tools in the design process. While today’s technologies increase productivity and speed, all agreed that authentic design is a process that should not be rushed, according to the panelists. 
“Technology offers powerful tools for design,” said Justin Frye, senior manager, design and development at Mohawk. “Using these virtual tools, we can take our original ideas and amplify them, ultimately leading to better outcomes."
This event is part of Tricycle’s Find Your Yes campaign, which highlights how the company's digital tools help designers and manufacturers make design decisions faster while reducing cost and waste associated with physical samples. 
“Today’s designers need results faster but still want their work to have meaning,” said Aern Hetem, COO, Tricycle. “Given today’s compressed timelines, Tryx digital sampling and online design tools reduce decision time in the early design phase and allow designers to get to their ‘yes’ faster.”
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