The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has launched an online resource library.

For the first time ever, all MIA technical documents will be available in one easily accessible location. In addition to all MIA technical bulletins and modules, users will have access to all chapters of MIA’s Dimension Stone Design Manual, an industry consensus document compiled by industry professionals and MIA staff. This learning tool was previously available only to MIA members and/or through purchase at the MIA bookstore.

“MIA’s new online resource library will be a major asset to the natural stone industry and our partners in the design world,” said David Castellucci, MIA's technical committee chair. “MIA has an extensive database of relevant, important information, and this new library puts it all in one central location.”

According to Castellucci, this forward-thinking change is hoped to not only help the stone industry, but also to bolster the use of natural stone in the design and architecture communities. Users will have the capability to find quick answers to common questions about all varieties of natural stone, including suggested uses and applications for both residential and commercial settings.

“The online resource library will be very beneficial to members of the architecture, design and construction communities,” said Chuck Muehlbauer, MIA's technical director. “They will now be able to quickly access information on the uses and applications of natural stone, and can search through several years’ worth of MIA resources in minutes.”

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