Johnson Hardwood has expanded its product offering to include high design wood wall panels.

Made from raw wood pieces, Johnson's Rowlock wood panel product line designs range from linear patterns to diamond shaped. Each piece is hand cut and placed on plantation pine backers so that each panel is a mix of natural wood character, grain patterns and color, according to the company. The end results are 3-foot long planks of undressed wood design patterns that raise the sophistication bar.

“We’ve seen a lot happening in the wood market where interior design is having a stronger influence,” said Bill Schollmeyer, president of the company. “Many of the design magazines feature completed commercial projects where reclaimed wood installations play an important role. To get in front of this design trend we’ve come up with Rowlock as our contribution. So far, its gotten really great feedback and our customers are excited to showcase this product line in their stores.”

The Rowlock wood panels are available in 10 colors and a variety of wood species including Acacia, Oak, Hickory and Walnut.

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