Scott Group Custom Carpets has established a new parent company, Scott Group Studio.

The new branding will finalize the integration of two brands after Scott Group acquired Hokanson last September, solidifying the company’s position as one of the top producers of custom luxury carpets in the world. The new parent company will enable the company to position itself as a leader in the curation of the world’s finest luxury brands, according to a company representative.

“The acquisition of Hokanson was our first step in creating a collection of the world’s most prestigious and sought-after luxury carpet lines,” said Mike Ruggeri, president of the company. “The announcement of our new parent brand is our next step in becoming the foremost recognized portfolio of bespoke carpets.”

Scott Group Studio has begun the process to integrate showrooms for both brands in order to showcase products from Scott Group Custom Carpets and Hokanson under one roof. The company currently has showrooms in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Grand Rapids, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Scottsdale, Ariz., along with representation in London, Las Vegas and Seattle.

According to Ruggeri, in the past year, Scott Group has brought on more than 40 new employees in an effort to prepare for the integration and launch of Scott Group Studio. Its dedicated sales team of 15 has undergone detailed training to understand both Scott Group and Hokanson brand attributes so they may offer solid counsel as clients choose the right carpet for each aviation, yacht, residential or commercial project.

Each of the lines will maintain its current design identity and will continue to focus on its core production methods. Scott Group Custom Carpets will continue to produce hand-tufted carpets and rugs at its 180,000 square-foot mill and design studio in Grand Rapids and remains the largest manufacturer of American-made custom rugs and carpets.

Hokanson will remain focused on offering clients a combination of hand-knotted, Tibetan and other traditional rug weaving techniques using thoroughly vetted and trusted artisan partners across the globe.

“The new parent brand of Scott Group Studio gives us the opportunity to combine two strong and well respected lines into a powerful collection of luxury carpets,” said Rich Ruggeri, vice president of the company. “Both Hokanson and Scott Group have time-tested, long standing traditions of producing the highest-quality carpets with extreme attention to detail and innovative design. We look forward to continuing to build and grow upon this dedication to excellence.”

Marketing materials and a new website will be released over the next few months as the showroom integrations progress. Scott Group Studio expects its Los Angeles showroom to be the first finished integration with a November completion date. From there, the company plans on integrating all of its showrooms within the next year, according to Ruggeri.

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