Acorn Design and Manufacturing has been renamed Bench Dogs.

According to the company, the change is part of a comprehensive branding initiative that represents its collective vision and better aligns the brand with its capabilities and culture.

“The move to Bench Dogs, in conjunction with our upcoming relocation, supports our overall brand identity and will allow us to continue to provide customers with the exceptional service they’ve come to expect from us,” said Robert Bunting Jr., executive vice president of sales and co-owner.

The organization has a 20-year history doing business as Acorn Design and Manufacturing. RLB Ventures, a corporation jointly owned by Richard Broadbent and Bunting Jr., acquired the business in 2005 and subsequently began to grow its workforce, capabilities and product offerings.

Now, DBA Bench Dogs, the organization’s core competencies will remain centered on the design and manufacture of point-of-purchase displays, store fixtures and commercial case goods.

Bench Dogs relocated from Lebanon, Pa., to a newly acquired 67,000 square-foot facility in Denver, Pa. 

“The new facility provides Bench Dogs with the opportunity to develop greatly streamlined manufacturing flows, coupled with new equipment investments that will drive operational efficiencies and triple our overall capacity,” said Broadbent. “The move to Bench Dogs reflects a similar streamlining. We are shedding the inherited Acorn brand and launching the new name to reflect the vibrant culture of our organization. The Bench Dogs team is a mix of youthful talent and energy, along with a deep experience base of seasoned craftsman and leaders; something that is unrivaled in organizations like ours.”

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