The finalists of the 2016 Carpet Design Awards have been named.

Presented in eight categories, the Carpet Design Awards honor the outstanding quality and design of some of the world's best carpets. A jury nominated the best handmade designer carpets for the final round of the international competition. The number of entrants was particularly high this year, with a total of 320 carpets from 21 countries submitted, according to award organizers.

Twenty-four carpets have made it through to the final round and will be on display at Domotex, Jan. 16 through 19. The categories range from studio artist, classic/traditional and modern designs to best innovation. The winners of each category will be formally announced on Jan. 17.

"Judging for the Carpet Design Awards was particularly difficult this year as there were so many high-quality entrants," said Michael Sodeau. "A trend seems to be emerging for more texture to be knotted and woven into the carpets such that they make a more physical than visual statement. The trend is more towards overall texture rather than artistic design as in the past."

In addition to Michael Sodeau, the five-strong jury comprises the New York based author and design journalist Linda O'Keeffe; Ross Urwin, the founder of Infrastructure, Hong Kong; Michael Pourvakil, the founder of Weavers Art, Toronto and Jochen Ehresmann, head of the carpet department at Munich furniture store Böhmer. 

The finalists are: 

Categories, nominated carpets and designs

Best Studio Artist Design

  • Re Orient, Studio Brieditis & Evans
  • Squeeze, Studio Brieditis & Evans
  • Beauty, Ayka Design

Best Modern Design Superior

  • Crystallized – Ice, Creative Matters
  • Aleph, Naziri OHG
  • Emerald 1, Art Resources

Best Modern Design Deluxe

  • Electric Taupe, Hossein Rezvani Design OHG
  • New Orleans from Bruno Moinard, Chevalier édition
  • Taittu, Free Verse, Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt.

Best Traditional Design

  • Yildiz, Öz-kent Hali
  • Marta Stripe, Rug and Kelim
  • Suzani, Wool & Silk

Best Transitional Design

  • Secret Garden, Naziri OHG
  • Reflection, Choudhary Exports
  • Persy from Samuel Accoceberry, Chevalier édition

Best Modern Collection

  • Origami Collection, Ayka Design
  • Free Verse, Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. 
  • Landscapes Collection, Wool & Silk

Best Traditional Collection

  • Sumak Spezial, Theo Keller 
  • Pine Garden, Rug Star GmbH
  • Ottoman Collection, Wool & Silk

Best Innovation

  • Glow, Zollanvari AG
  • Stereogram, Thibault Van Renne BVBA
  • Canvas, Papilio by Prado Rugs N.V

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