Ardex UI 720 Floating Uncoupling Membrane and UI 740 Uncoupling Membrane are now available.

“Ardex Flexbone uncoupling systems with GripLock Technology deliver an enhanced level of protection for tile and stone installations,” said Russ Gaetano, Ardex tile and stone installation systems marketing manager. “This unique technology provides improved shear resistance and bond strength.”

UI 720 Floating Uncoupling Membrane is an unbonded, 100% uncoupling system, according to the company. It can be used over difficult substrates and is ideal for frequently changed floors in boutique retail stores, multi-unit housing, showrooms and trade show exhibits.

UI 740 Uncoupling Membrane high-load, bonded version is ideal for high-traffic, high-stress installations in airports, office buildings, hotel lobbies and condominiums. It provides waterproofing, maximum shear and tensile bond strengths. 

According to the company, when used in conjunction with Ardex mortars and grouts, UI 720 Flexbone and UI 740 Flexbone are eligible for a SystemOne Warranty.

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