Catalina Research and Ceramic Tile And Stone Consultants (CTaSC), a national company providing marketing research and business planning services, has released its 2015 Catalina Report on Natural, Quartz and Manufactured Stone, and the 2016 Catalina Mortar, Grout & Cement Mixes First Look Quarterly Report.

“In-depth information about the stone industry is very hard to come by,” said Donato Pompo, president of CTaSC. “It’s vital for all of us to know what’s going on in the market and understand how the current state of the economy will affect our business and our future opportunities.” 

The Catalina Report on Natural, Quartz and Manufactured Stone report is an in-depth industry investigation of the $10 billion U.S. natural, quartz and manufactured stone product industry. The U.S. stone product market has been recovering at double-digit rates since 2011.

According to the report, the recovery is being led by the recovery in new home construction. The residential remodeling market is also benefiting from the increase in existing home sales, the rise in home prices, and improved homeowner finances. The increase in existing home sales stimulates homeowner remodeling projects and the rise in home prices is an incentive for non-movers to invest in their homes and upgrade to stone countertops and flooring. 

As the residential market grows in importance, stone product suppliers have increased their reliance on the home center channel. Currently, the important non-residential market is strengthening as the U.S. recovery enters its seventh year.

The Natural, Quartz and Manufactured Stone report includes sections on stone industry trends, stone industry shipments and imports, end-use markets and factors driving demand and industry cost structure and profitability.

The 2015 Natural, Quartz and Manufactured Stone analysis will assist industry companies to take advantage of the opportunities in 2016 and beyond, according to the company. This is the sixth version of the Catalina Stone Report (the first was in 2003).

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