J+J Flooring Group’s newest Kinetex 24-inch modular products, Analog and Analog Mono, offer an inspired visual for a multitude of commercial interior spaces and applications.

With shared patterning and eight common core colors per style, Analog and Analog Mono create the perfect analogy when paired together, resulting in a fresh and unparalleled flooring visual, according to the company.

This innovative and award-winning textile composite flooring creates a soft textile aesthetic with the durability of hard surface flooring. Each product is constructed using Universal Fibers, giving way to a pattern that is both sophisticated and modern. The duo coloring of Analog can easily and fluidly interact with the solid companions of Analog Mono.

Analog and Analog Mono are ideal for corporate, education, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial sectors.

For more information, visit jj-kinetex.com.