VanHearron's new Even Out For Grout is a solvent-free, 100% active solution which is specifically formulated to restore and seal the color of “washed out” grout joints, according to the company.

Even Out for Grout regenerates grout joints and enhances them to a deep original color. It bonds physically and chemically to the grout surface and will not peel, crack or blister. According to the company, the product is also excellent for smoothing out blotchy grout joints to create even, consistent color. Even Out for Grout carries a full 20 year warranty on UV stability and is recommended for both interior and exterior applications.

“VanHearron will continue to develop and deliver products and services to the tile, stone, flooring and maintenance markets that are environmentally safe,” said Donna VanGorder, president of the company. “Even Out For Grout is a revolutionary, environmentally safe fluoro-polymer with very low VOC content. When properly applied, it will enhance uneven grout joint color and restore grout lines to a beautiful, deep, rich color. And, it will restore color while sealing and protecting the grout joints, all with a single application of the product.”

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