Vinnie Virga, a Big Bob’s franchisee and former president of Flooring America, has announce the partnership of Big Bob's Flooring, part of the Floors & More buying group, and Jim Buckles, business consultant to the flooring industry.

According to Virga, Buckles offers consulting throughout the flooring industry, helping companies overcome their obstacles to success through operational, financial and technical analysis and change. 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jim many times over my career at many different companies, and we are excited that he will be available not only to our members, but also to our franchise organization as someone who can help our members maximize their profitability," said Virga. He added that Buckles' decades-long involvement with and experience on RFMS software, the clear leader and best platform in the industry, is an additional benefit. 

Buckles has experience with all levels of the industry from his involvement as an initial hire for CCA Global, running the finance end of their company-owned stores in St. Louis, through consultation with retailers ranging from single stores to multi-store national chains, to CFO of a company producing over $135 million in flooring, cabinet and counter sales (builder and retail). 

"Jim Buckles helps us bridge the gap of providing exceptional systems and programs, with someone who can help them execute them operationally and financially when they are need of extra onsite or remote support,” said Scott Appel, partner in Floors & More and co-owner of Touch of Color. “Jim has a track record of helping people when they hit critical growth stages, or are having a hard time breaking through to a new plateau.”

Buckles added, "the opportunity to work with Vinnie, Scott and their group is the rare moment to help an organization that is poised to change the flooring industry as we know it today. I look forward to working helping their current and future members, as well as assisting the franchise organization on a corporate level."

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