Encore Hospitality Carpet, a new contract division of Brumlow Mills, is introducing seven distinctive carpet collections.

Created using Encore’s advanced Colortec yarn placement system and Zeftron nylon, designers can select from a multitude of contemporary and transitional patterns and colors. Partly inspired by French beauty, art and architecture, each collection brings the ultimate in design and color flexibility to any commercial or hospitality space.

Designers start by choosing the patterns or colors they desire. Each pattern can be custom-colored with up to six colors. Designers can select any six colors from the 120 color offerings from the Zeftron color line to create their unique colorway. With exceptional color quality, clarity and consistency, Zeftron provides thousands of color and styling options to choose from.

Once patterns and colors are selected, the Colortec system places the colored yarns precisely where they need to be based on the pattern selected. All products made with this technology have the look and feel of a woven carpet, accomplished by advanced tufting technology combined with a solution-dyed nylon yarn. 

Developed primarily for hospitality public areas such as lobbies, conference rooms and ballrooms, the collections transcend to other commercial spaces where a decorative design is required.

“These seven new collections are not only visually stunning and beautiful, they also offer the ultimate in design flexibility—a key for designers today,” said Richard Heaver, president of Encore Hospitality. “With Zeftron nylon, a premium solution dyed yarn system, designers can be assured the colors they select will be of the highest quality, ensuring superior color clarity, color continuity and colorfastness.”

For more information, visit encorehospitalitycarpet.com.