WarmWire® Electric Floor Heating Cables

SunTouch has launched a new line of enhanced WarmWire® heating cables for ensuring optimal performance of its industry-leading underfloor heating systems. Sporting a thicker, constant outside diameter, WarmWire heating cables now offer full compatibility with uncoupling membrane systems designed for heating wire securement. WarmWire cables deliver 12 Watts/sq. ft. heat output at 3-inch on center spacing while providing the flexibility of multiple installation methods. In addition, WarmWire boasts an increased durability through higher impact test and cut resistance ratings.

An affordable alternative to radiant heating mats, WarmWire floor heating cables serve as a sensible option for providing warmth and comfort to kitchens, bathrooms, and entranceways. The upgraded WarmWire cables are built with increased durability and allow simple securement at 2.5”, 3”, or 3.5” spacing with SunTouch CableStrap™. Its constant diameter also allows quick and simple installation within any type of uncoupling membrane, thereby eliminating the need for alternative securement methods. In addition, SunTouch offers a 25-year warranty with its WarmWire heating cables, regardless of its installment with CableStrap or in uncoupling within the market. The UL-listed WarmWire heating cables may also be installed with shower systems wherever permitted by local AHJ (authority having jurisdiction).

SunTouch logoSunTouch remains North America’s leading provider of electric floor heating and snow melting systems in residential, commercial, and industrial environments, both indoors and out. With over 30 years of providing elite radiant heating systems, SunTouch offers world-class manufacturing, design, and technical support. For more information, visit suntouch.com.