LUXE Linear Drains introduces its stylish Subway range of decorative linear pattern grate drains for modern design custom showers ideal for all private homes and multi-shower commercial projects, according to the company.
The new LUXE Linear Shower Drain - Subway linear channel drains are ideal for creating modern barrier-free, zero-threshold wheel-in-entry showers that provide safer, easier access with true style appeal. LUXE Linear Shower Drain - Subway style decorative channel drains feature a classic offset repeating subway pattern design that delivers waves of visual movement in a timeless style available in six standard sizes ranging from 26- to 60-inch in length. 
According to the company, LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Subway style drains have been universally designed for remarkably fast, easy installations, featuring a welded 2-inch central diameter outlet that simply replaces the strainer and flange in any standard clamped down shower floor. The LUXE Linear Shower Drain – Subway range are popular for creating curbless, zero-entry showers using large-format porcelain tile but the design options are truly limitless. 
LUXE Linear Drains can be installed anywhere in the shower design layout including along the back wall, sidewall, in the middle of the design or at the threshold. In addition, all LUXE Linear Shower Drains including the new Subway range are produced independent of any waterproofing membrane or specific manufacturer. Instead, the complete series of LUXE Linear Shower Drains are designed to be compatible with any and all approved waterproofing membranes, materials and methods.
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