QFloors customers recently gathered in Park City, Utah, for the flooring software company’s biennial Users’ Conference.

A large portion of the meeting was dedicated to showing attendees the current development of QPro POS+, the company’s new browser-based cloud software. After discussions and demonstrations were held, attendees were given their own individual log in codes and charged with the assignment to meet back up on the last day of the conference with suggestions for improvements and “what if you were to…” ideas.
The collaborative nature of the meeting was a theme throughout. Many of the 64 attendees commented on the family feel to the conference and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to be heard and have a voice in future development.
That was one of the primary goals of the Users’ Conference, according to QFloors' president and CEO, Chad Ogden. “We hold these conferences every two years and they are open to anyone who wants to make the effort to come. Many of our best users attend. Customers learn from one another. They share ideas. These conferences are not just us standing in front of the group, saying, “Click here to do this.” It’s very much a collaborative thing. They learn how other people use and apply QFloors to various scenarios. They learn good business practices. It’s a time to talk together and understand the best ways to apply QFloors to their needs as a company and how they can get even more benefit from the software. It’s also an opportunity to define what the future of QFloors holds. These conference attendees are the ones who are determining what features are put into the software. We of course get suggestions all year long, but in these meetings, attendees prioritize future development."
Training classes, guest presenters and peer advice panels covered both technical and business training.

“These meetings are definitely a win/win for everyone. They are beneficial for us as a company because we realize we don’t know everything," said Ogden. "We are not the ones in the trenches, using the software all day long, every day. These conferences give us invaluable feedback by some of our best users. We listen to what’s going on, what the issues are and then we brainstorm together on how we can make QFloors better. Our software is always a work in progress. It’s about continually getting better and better, year after year."

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