Florim has introduced four new collections from two of the company's brands—Casa Dolce Casa and Floor Gres. 

Casa Dolce Casa introduces Argille 2.0 and Flagstone 2.0.

Argille 2.0—the intrinsic warmth of Le Argille series marks the outset of Casa dolce casa, transmitting a strong sense of real life to every project, the company said. New evolution, the bearer of timeless elegance designs a product which is a memory archive, where recollections mingle as they take shape.

Flagstone 2.0—the vibrant energy of the Flagstone project was never spent and makes a comeback with a new contemporary look. The echo of the past is evoked by the richness of the structural and color details; the constant, formal syntax produces a déjà vu, perfectly blending past and present.

Floor Gres introduces Greentech and Rawtech.

Greentech—linear execution, an aura of lightness and textures studied down to the very last detail mark the unmistakable style of Greentech, the Floor Gres ceramic wood which embraces nature in its most authentic form, reinterpreted in a new contemporary way. True to its architectural vocation, with clear-cut lines and a choice of colors featuring a neutral palette with deep hues, combines perfectly with all the other materials interacting in the project, according to the company.

Rawtech—is the result of a design approach which aims to recapture the true identity of an essentially industrial product and at the same time appeal to the sophisticated demands of contemporary living styles. A concrete with experience, this product is worn by time, where imperfection becomes a hallmark, a prerequisite to better express its truly unmistakable style.

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