Corporate Floors Holdings Inc., a commercial flooring installation and maintenance company celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017, has announced that its maintenance division is splitting off into its own brand, APEX Surface Care. Effective immediately, this shift aims to eliminate confusion and allow each brand to better serve its clients. There will be no management or personnel changes.

“This change lets each brand focus on what it does best with its respective clients, who have very different needs,” CEO Thomas Holland said of the decision. “The shift also continues Corporate Floors’ ‘inception to reclamation’ holistic approach to flooring, which features one brand focusing on each major stage in a floor’s life. In addition to its existing stone, metal, wood and carpet cleaning services, APEX Surface Care will offer additional services such as white glove housekeeping service and overhead structure cleaning going forward."

The decision resulted from a year-long rebranding project that took an in-depth look at the services Corporate Floors provides and the clients it serves. Corporate Floors will continue to serve commercial contractors seeking expert commercial product and installation services in Texas and beyond, while APEX Surface Care will serve commercial facility and property managers with complete building surface care at the local, regional and national level.

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