Starnet Floor Care announced the addition of Apex Surface Care to the floor care network. Apex Surface Care has a 25-year history of high-quality work and continuous growth. The company’s ability to service all flooring types across the U.S. and Canada has allowed it to become one of the top commercial floor care providers in North America. Apex Surface Care shares the Starnet Floor Care goal of providing consistently clean, healthy, long-lasting floors in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommended processes.

“We are pleased to be affiliated with Starnet Floor Care, and we look forward to the opportunities that come with our membership,” said Mark Cannon, president of Apex Surface Care. “We are committed to growing our business, and we recognize the benefits of affiliating with the strongest network of commercial floor care providers in North America.”

“Apex Surface Care is one of the most respected commercial floor care providers in North America and will be an excellent fit as the Starnet Floor Care Network continues to expand,” said Eric Boender, vice president of business development at Starnet Floor Care.

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