Instagram has consistently risen in popularity since the moment it exploded on the scene. Today, it’s home to more than 600 active users. Clearly, there’s a huge marketing opportunity here to boost a company’s reputation, traffic, leads, and sales, but how does a company get started? Andrea Hood, sales and project manager at Atkinson Carpet, a commercial flooring contractor in Haverhill, Mass., recently decided to test the results for her business. You can find them on Instagram at @atkinsoncarpet. Here’s how she did it:

FT: Why did you choose to invest time and effort into building connections on Instagram?

Hood: Over the years I have played with quite a few social media platforms, and I have found that Instagram is really user-friendly. It doesn't take much time to upload and edit a picture, add a caption, and tag it with relevant hashtags. I can do it pretty quickly while on the go in between meetings and emails. Plus, I love displaying all of the beautiful spaces we create for our clients in one place. When I'm working on a new project for a client or prospective client, I pull up our Instagram account on my phone and show them recent projects we've completed as a source of inspiration and ideas for their project. 

FT: Could you describe your content strategy?

Hood: When I first launched our Instagram account, I was posting roughly three pictures a day to get our content built up. This took roughly 20 minutes each day to complete. After the first few weeks, I started posting once a day. I typically post pictures of our finished projects, making sure to tag both the client and the flooring manufacturer, to display our work. 

FT: What are some of the benefits you’ve achieved so far from working on this platform?

Hood: Instagram has helped me build a deeper connection with some of my main product partners, like The Mohawk Group and J&J Flooring. By tagging the manufacturers in my pictures, I have found that most of them will repost my images on their social media accounts as well, tagging us in the process. Mohawk has even requested taking professional pictures of one of my projects so they can use it for upcoming promotional materials. We love fostering strong partnerships with our manufacturers, so building deeper connections with them on Instagram is helping to strengthen those partnerships. 

FT: What tips would you provide other flooring company leaders who may be hesitant to invest the time in social media? 

Hood: Just start simple! Instagram is quick and easy to use, so even if you're not so savvy with social media, you can do this. All it takes is downloading the free Instagram app, using the camera on your phone, and playing around on the platform a bit. If you take as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day for a week to do that and start posting pictures, you'll be amazed at how fun it can be and the connections you will make.