Interface recently announced its participation as a founding core partner of the world’s first biophilic design research and demonstration project, “The Biophilic Office” from BRE and Oliver Heath Design. Created to provide environmental and human data as evidence of a biophilic design’s positive impact, the study will consist of refurbishing a 7,000-square-foot 1980s office building in England according to biophilic design principles.

As a long-time advocate of designing work spaces that supports the wellbeing of employees, Interface will bring its industry and biophilic design expertise to the project, leveraging its Human Spaces Global Report, the first study to explore the relationship between psychological well-being, work environments, and employee expectations on a global scale. Findings from the report revealed that workers in office environments with biophilic design have a higher level of well-being, and are more productive and creative. As a follow up to this research, Interface will soon be releasing Human Spaces 2.0, which will focus on biophilic design for the hospitality industry.

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