Patcraft showcased Subtractive Layers LVT collection at NeoCon East 2017. Using foundational methods of art to explore new ground, the collection includes two styles: Remove and Withdraw. Available in 12”x24” tiles and 20 colors, Subtractive Layers is a dryback product that provides a unique aesthetic.

The collection was designed by Kelly Stewart, Patcraft’s hard surface designer, who worked from her original acrylic paintings inspired by artists Harry Morgan and Pierre Soulanges. For the paintings, Stewart used a broken comb to achieve a linear texture that became an integral part of the Remove and Withdraw designs for Subtractive Layers. The tiles were then made by manipulating scans of Stewart’s original paintings and layering them one over another.

“Kelly’s designs give life to a layered, modern texture and striations of contrast come from removing paint intentionally to create color shifts in individual tiles,” said Shannon Cochran, Patcraft vice president of creative and design. “This painterly quality adds to its visual and layered colors are reminiscent of painted canvas.”

Subtractive Layers is designed to withstand physical demands, and features a 20-mil wear layer. The collection also allows for roller mobility of hard surface and ease of installation and maintenance.

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