Wilmington, Del. -- DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) announced a collaboration with Wools of New Zealand (WoolsNZ) to create a new platform of yarns for home textiles that will offer enduring performance characteristics with a more sustainable, eco-friendly profile.

Bringing together world-leading source traceability and patented technology from WoolsNZ with DuPont’s global leadership in bio-sustainable, high-performance materials inspired this collaboration of expertise and products, scheduled for release in 2018.

“Wools of New Zealand is truly a leader in responsible wool supply,” said John Sagrati, DuPont Sorona global segment leader. “This level of care, along with their devotion to innovation and quality control is exactly what we at DuPont seek in partners. They occupy a premium position in their market and have a proven track record of performance and sustainability with the unique capability to deliver consistent, tailored fibers.”

Rosstan Mazey, CEO of WoolsNZ, added, “We are genuinely excited to partner with DuPont Industrial Biosciences, a business that has been able to bring biomaterials to market on a commercial-scale. Like us, DuPont is committed to delivering added value innovation without compromising the planet or its inhabitants. The combined resources and know-how in order to create this exciting, brand-new yarn is a perfect fit with our mission to change the game through innovation and to connect the people who grow our fiber with the end consumer.”

DuPont and WoolsNZ appeared together at Domotex floor covering exhibition in Hannover, Germany, January 12‑15.

For more information, visit www.dow-dupont.com or www.woolsnz.com.