Antolini introduces Patagonia and Invisible Fantasy. Like the maps of great sailor men, Patagonia seems to hold the entire world on top of its surface. Eloquent as a storyteller, this unique stone tells histories, legends, and adventures. The Patagonia stone presents extreme features like the region its name comes from, revealing its true harshness. The wide color spots remind viewers of giant islands in a wild archipelago, while its earthy tones tell of steppe winds, lashing over a land inhabited.

The Invisible Fantasy’s soul is extremely provocative, allowing no settlements. It’s a natural stone whose essence presents an extremely contemporary allure with an unmistakable bold look that is also open to essentiality and the pureness of lines. With no arrogance or excess, this exceptional stone is authentic within its essence, a true rebel in its formal expression. Invisible Fantasy is the perfect solution for who loves to dare, over the top.

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