Hammond, La. – RollMaster Cloud Business Management Software has completed another important piece of its API offerings by partnering with Retail Lead Management (RLM), management software built specifically for the flooring industry. Based on feedback from existing RLM users, the ability to enter data only once and have that data feed into existing flooring-specific software enterprises was a hot button issue. This partnership helps resolves this issue by enabling users to seamlessly pass customer information from RLM directly to the RollMaster System without any additional data entry. “In addition to completely automating every aspect of the flooring industry, our aggressive API Integration strategy is now bringing other, important, non-flooring business practices into our automation fold, providing seamless and powerful tools to assist the flooring dealer with items such as CRM platforms, automated online reviews, lead management, email marketing, and eCommerce,” said Patrick Ferries, national sales manager for RollMaster Software. Current API Integration partners with RollMaster Software include the following: MailChimp, SalesForce, Retail Lead Management, Testimonial Tree, Woo Commerce, and Creating Your Space. For more information, visitwww.rmaster.com .