Resilient flooring manufacturer Altro has added a new adhesive-free flooring collection to its repertoire, Altro Cantata. The smooth, durable flooring is a solution for time-sensitive installations and is available in 16 soft-look shades that range from subtle natural tones to vivid colors. No adhesive is required to reduce installation time and disruption, making it particularly helpful in areas that cannot be shut down for long, like a busy hospital or school.

Though its finish is smooth, Altro Cantata can handle medium to heavy traffic and only requires an easy cleaning and maintenance regime. A damp subfloor poses no threat, as Altro Cantata can be installed at up to 92% internal relative humidity, and without a damp-proof membrane.

Helping installations achieve sustainability goals, is its 12% rapidly renewable bio-based content and 5% post-consumer recycled content, along with being phthalate-free. The adhesive-free nature means there are no odors or volatile organic compounds from adhesives, and 100% recyclability allows Altro Cantata to be taken up and recycled at the end of its long life.

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