Washington, D.C. -- The American Institute of Architects (AIA) released the following statement from Carl Elefante, AIA president, on the omnibus spending bill for FY 2018. The bill maintains and increases funding for Department of Housing and Urban Development programs (HUD), along with increases in Low Income Housing Tax Credits and the Building and Technology Office, a key resource for architects using the latest techniques in sustainable design.

“This legislation includes many elements that are good news for architects and the clients and communities we serve.

“As AIA president, I am pleased to see that Congress and the President have acted to adopt a federal budget, which is long overdue. Many capital projects that directly impact our profession and the clients and communities we serve have been waiting for funding for over a year.

“Understandably, many Americans have concerns about the budget’s potential to add to the national debt. However, by every measure, the United States is underinvesting in our future and has been for many years. This budget represents a step toward increasing some areas of federal investment in our communities. But, much more is needed to build the progressive, inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities we need to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

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