Flowcrete has launched Mondéco Rapide, a new resin terrazzo flooring system. According to the company, Mondéco Rapide can reduce the overall installation time associated with epoxy or polyurethane resin terrazzo flooring systems by up to 75%.

Based on an innovative technology called PUMMA, Mondéco Rapide brings together the rapid curing power of methyl methacrylate (MMA) technology with the resilience of polyurethane. This combination is what makes Mondéco Rapide such a significant step forward in the terrazzo flooring world.

“Being able to provide the same speed of cure of an MMA system alongside the flexibility and durability of polyurethane positions Mondéco Rapide as a truly unique offering in the market,” said Craig Brookes, president of Flowcrete Group. “Thanks to Mondéco Rapide, one of the top design trends of 2018 is now at the fingertips of new-build and renovation projects that previously would have foregone terrazzo due to the prohibitive application schedule.

“Now, architects, developers and facilities managers can create stunning floors that put the wow-factor underfoot in only a matter of hours. This is ideal for a wide variety of locations, from shopping centres to stadiums – anywhere that needs a high performance, attractive finish but that can’t afford long periods of problematic downtime.”

Mondéco Rapide creates a smooth finish and its extensive design potential means that custom colors can be installed in completely bespoke patterns. Even the floor’s shimmer and shine can be tailored by altering the aggregate blend that goes into the finish. Aggregates such as locally sourced marble, mother-of-pearl and recycled glass are all available to achieve the precise glittering lustre that is desired.

In addition to its rapid rate of cure, the tough and elastic nature of polyurethane enhances the flexibility of the MMA resin, which means that it can be easily applied on tiles and difficult substrates. This property further streamlines the installation process, as applicators don’t have to spend time working on the substrate. Other trades are also able to work alongside the product, allowing for a more concentrated schedule that can save time and cut costs.

For more information, visit www.flowcreteamericas.com.