Custom Building Products has introduced SpeedSlope and RedGard SpeedCoat for faster and easier shower installations.

According to the company, the combination of these high-performance, fast-track products extend the highly-successful RedGard brand and create a “speed system,” which allows installers to float a mud bed, waterproof, flood test and set tile in hours rather than days even in challenging cold or high humidity environments.

The first component is SpeedSlope Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar, a polymer-modified, pre-blended cement-based product ideal for creating a sloped mortar bed on a shower floor in preparation for tile installation. 

Complementing Speed Slope is RedGard SpeedCoat Rapid Curing Waterproofing Membrane. According to the company, it provides installers with a ready-to-use, liquid-applied waterproofing barrier that cures quickly, consistently and effectively in extreme conditions. The advanced formula cures through exposure to ambient moisture, so it excels in cold and damp conditions which can present a challenge.

“Bathroom remodels constitute a major market segment and the configuration of bathrooms is changing," said Eric Carr, director of product and channel marketing. “Showers are replacing bath tubs, spa like features are being added and the size of showers are more irregular than ever as bathrooms expand stealing space from adjoining rooms. As a result, contractors need a fast-track shower installation system that offers more size flexibility than prefabricated shower bases can provide and more speed than fabric membranes can offer. Time is money for an installer, so developing products that help expedite the installation process while providing warranted results is what we deliver with this system.” 

RedGard SpeedCoat joins the existing family of RedGard brand products including traditional liquid applied RedGard Crack Isolation and Waterproofing Membrane and RedGard Uncoupling Mat.

SpeedSlope and RedGard SpeedCoat can be used in commercial and residential tiles and stone applications. When both are used as part of a qualifying system of Custom mortars and grouts, the tile installation can qualify for up to a lifetime system warranty that covers the cost of replacing installation materials, tile and labor in the event of a system defect, according to the company.

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