Eskayel, the Brooklyn-based textile company, will launch its very first tile collection this spring in collaboration with clé. The collection of cement tiles features eight of Eskayel's most popular and iconic nature-inspired patterns. The original fluid, multicolor designs were refined into a bi-color silhouette style motif for each pattern. These new graphic iterations straddle the line between contemporary and traditional, adding a touch of the whimsical to any space.

“Translating Eskayel’s fluid fabric patterns to cement tile was a whole new undertaking for clé,” said Deborah Osburn, founder of Clé. “The designs were the most intricate we have ever done, testing the skills of our most talented tile makers. The results are these calm, meditative patterns that reflect Shanan’s warmth and creativity and embody her free spirit."

Each tile pattern will be available in its designated colorway and a corresponding black and white version. The hydraulic pressed handmade tile bodies are 5/8 in. in thickness, composed of gray portland cement and sand. The collection will be available online exclusively through clé.

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