Flooring and window treatments probably aren’t the first things that come to mind when people think of Hawaii. But since 1972, Kahului Carpet & Drapery, Inc. , has literally laid the groundwork and built a statewide reputation on providing quality services in carpeting, floor installation and window coverings. The company is comprised of a team of sales experts and craftsmen who specialize in home remodeling and construction.

Chad Williams, sales supervisor of Kahului Carpet, says the company is continuously strategizing ways to expand and enhance its business model through modern technology, marketing and communication.

“One tool we’ve recently adopted is the laser tape measure,” Williams said. “Instead of writing our measurements down on paper, we use Measure Mobile.”

Measure Mobile is an app that allows users to take floor measurements with a laser, which automatically inputs the measurements right onto your mobile device. Williams said using the app has saved the company a great deal of time and money, and has also improved accuracy. 

“What used to take an hour to measure now takes us 15-30 minutes,” he said. “It also reduces errors for our sales staff because the app will let you know if one of your measurements is really off.”

The company is also using technology to improve its marketing efforts.

“Digital marketing is an effective way to reach the younger generation,” he said. “Right now a lot of our business is comprised of repeat customers and people who already know about Kahului Carpet. So I think the most effective way to reach potential customers is through digital marketing through Google Ad Sense and social media, and also having a good website and call-to-action which is something we’re working on now.”

The company has also made significant adjustments to its sales staff. One of which includes Williams, who joined the retail side of Kahului Carpet two years ago. 

“I was originally brought on to help out with some of the jobs on the construction side,” he said. But the company’s retail side needed a fresh start, so Mel Pomroy, the owner, asked him to join the sales team. 

“When I came onto our retail side, there were basically two sales people doing everything, and the owner wanted a fresh pair of eyes,” said Williams. “So he really took me under his wing and introduced me to the flooring industry.”

Williams said he began working in the warehouse to first learn how everything was run before gradually working his way up to his current position. 

“Being a problem-solver in the construction trade made transitioning into flooring an opportunity for me to create a quality experience for clients on the retail end,” he said.

As sales supervisor, his responsibilities include making sure the sales team is equipped with the proper tools and support to meet the company’s sales objectives, and also to ensure projects are completed in a timely fashion. 

“I want to take our retail side to new heights,” Williams said. “And the owner, Mel, is not afraid to branch out and try new things — as long as we can find someone who can do it, we’re not afraid to expand.”

He added that having Pomroy as a mentor figure has also helped him become a better businessman.

“Mel provided me the opportunity to really learn and grow with the company,” said Williams. “He put a lot of trust in me and I appreciate that. He empowers our team to develop new ideas and concepts in an open, supportive environment, which makes me want to be a better worker and treat the company as if it’s my own.”

Although he is still relatively new to the flooring industry, Williams said he sees a lot of energy and focus around educating retailers and consumers on product enhancements.

“The younger generation has uncovered the growth potential that this industry offers, which makes it an exciting time to be in flooring,” he said. “Especially with how technology and communication has dramatically changed how we do things.”