New Ravenna recently introduce the Kiddo: Wunderkammer Edition of mosaics by Cean Irminger, New Ravenna creative director. The six whimsical designs are the result of an imaginative journey through Irminger’s 17 years as a mosaic designer. The Kiddo: Wunderkammer Edition explores the essence of childhood and is fabricated by hand from a myriad of elements, including stone, brass, aluminum, shell, 24k gold, antiqued mirror and jewel glass.

“Arrow Rows” is in homage to Irminger's father who is a world-class arrowhead hunter. In "Caroushell," seahorses and rococo shells transform a traditional brocade into a maritime adventure. Irminger, a fan of puns and creative language, designed “Subway!” as a play on vernacular subway tile with city metros gliding across the familiar glass bricks. “Personal Space” caters to dreaming young minds that wish to travel to faraway galaxies. “Tzarry Tzarry Night” takes us to a gilded age storybook kingdom, and sinuous mythical dragons cavort in the “Here Be Dragons” mosaic border.

"The idea of a Wunderkammer, otherwise known as a wonder room, has always delighted me," said Irminger. "Essentially a trove of fantastic curiosities from the natural, scientific and artistic worlds, it’s a collection that by its nature draws one in to look closer, to try and discover the story of each object. The aim of the Kiddo collection has always been to entice viewers and transport them to a place of childlike wonder. I wanted the designs to inspire the happy jolts of surprise you get from discovering a secret in plain sight. I feel that the purpose of this collection, and also of New Ravenna, is to give personality and a voice to the inanimate spaces of our lives, and to give people joy in their daily surroundings."

The second iteration of the Kiddo collection, Kiddo: Wunderkammer Edition, brings that same joyous spirit and sophisticated design to mosaic and tile surfaces, this time with new materials and characters. Each pattern can be fully customized to the client’s material preference, fitting the scope of any commercial or residential project. Each mosaic is handmade on the eastern shore of Virginia and, depending on the materials, can be installed indoors and outdoors on floors and walls.

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