Maple Shade, N.J. -- Stonhard, a manufacturer and installer of seamless, resinous floors, walls, and linings, recently announced its exclusive U.S. partnership with PolySto, a European producer of hygienic wall protection for the food and beverage industry. Polysto's prefabricated, durable and water-resistant curb/wall systems offer a hygienic floor and wall surfacing solution for any facility.

Seamless curbs and seamless flooring help to ensure dirt and bacteria have no place to grow, thereby saving clients time and money on replacing and repairing spaces within their facility. Heavy traffic from forklifts and wet floors can lead to hazards and damage which can also worsen a facility's hygienic quality. With materials that are chemical, impact, and water-resistant from both Stonhard and PolySto, food and beverage environments can help to maintain a superior standard, the companies said.

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