You can have the most advanced, stylish and solutions-based flooring in the world, but without proper merchandising and storytelling, customers will be lost in space. Product manufacturers continue to innovate in the area of store displays to help retailers boost attention and skyrocket sales. Here are some of their latest introductions.


This spring, Shaw announced a patent-pending soft surface innovation, Bellera high-performance carpet. The collection was designed to ensure that when placed in an active household, it will look as good as it did on day one, even after five years of wear. The benefits to the consumer include fiber that is crush resistant and retains its softness, a LifeGuard Spill-Proof backing that offers performance with more distinctive color, R2X soil and stain resistance to keep spills and messes on the surface of the carpet longer for easier cleanup, and a “No Surprises, Worry-free Warranty” for peace of mind.

Shaw managed to fit all of these selling points onto one display—including a performance-tested sample of the what it would look like after five years of wear.

Rob Edwards, store manager, Midwest Rug in Springfield, Mo., said he was surprised that the display only a few large samples, but he said the patterns and styles showcased would sell well.

With 13 new styles, totaling over 205 product offerings in solid textures, tonals, tweeds, loops, and patterns, Bellera offers colors and patterns geared toward a variety of tastes and interiors. “Bellera high-performance carpet’s visual aesthetics and color options were born from trend-tracking, consumer testing and countless hours of research,” said Pam Rainey, vice president product design. “The wide variety of patterns, textures and colors is truly beautiful and ensures Bellera can fit seamlessly into any modern to transitional home’s design scheme.”

Gail Asman, owner of Ron’s Carpet and Design in Clinton Township, Mich., agreed. “The display just came in, we’re sending out the first samples now, but once it gets going, we expect it will do really well.”

Anderson Tuftex

With its rebranding earlier this year, Anderson Tuftex took a fresh approach to the merchandising of hardwood and carpet products with the goal of making it easier for dealers to sell a full package of flooring to consumers. Each of the coordinating displays has a monochromatic, streamlined look. For hardwood, the brand offers a feature display with or without towers that showcases the latest styles. Slider stackers showcase eight specially curated themes in a smaller footprint. The addition of the wheels allows for easy access to those often hard to reach back panel boards.

For soft surfaces, the sleek and refined Signature Library Display holds 320 flip cards in a small footprint. This popular look is ideal for retailers and builders that want to maximize their product offering without sacrificing a lot of space in their showrooms. For more impact, they can upgrade by adding a pattern wall, which offers large samples of new Signature designs.


Earlier this year, Mohawk announced the launch of Revwood, a new brand that repositions laminate as “wood without compromise.”

“What we found from consumers is when they go in on an unaided basis, they naturally separated vinyl, resilient product from wood type products and they included laminate with wood,” said Karen Mendelsohn, senior vice president of marketing, Mohawk.  “They aspire to have wood but maybe it was not accessible to them from a price point issue and it had some performance issues in that it was not waterproof or scratchproof.”

The Revwood Plus display showcases the key selling points of this product in one straightforward format: waterproof flooring messaging, all pet protection messaging and 14 large-format samples to show colorways.


Stainmaster PetProtect Design Solutions displays by Phenix combine luxury vinyl and carpet together to help consumers shop without the guidance of an interior designer, and they also aim to help retailers sell more flooring in one purchase visit. The displays comes in two sizes and includes designer-curated palettes. The full display includes all seven palettes, architectural folders and more than 30 products while the mini includes five palettes and more than 30 folders in half the footprint with no folders.

American Olean & Marazzi

Purchasing flooring can be daunting for a homeowner. American Olean and Marazzi are making it easier for dealers to guide their customers through the tile selection and purchasing process.

American Olean’s new product tiers, Preferred, Professional and Premium, and Marazzi’s new product tiers, Icon and Moda, demonstrate value propositions and highlight the advantages of tile over other flooring options as well as highlight the advantages of tile over other flooring options. “It’s the easy way to sell tile,” said Micah Hand, brand marketing manager.


The Adura new Selling Solution 60” display showcases three constructions of luxury vinyl tile construction in one compact display: Adura Max wood plastic composite flooring; Adura Rigid,  a solid polymer core floor with attached pad; and Adura Flex, a traditional glue-down that is great for long runs or for homes with special needs where having transition strips isn’t ideal.