With any commercial flooring installation, important decisions are made quickly and on a grand scale. Time is of the essence and there is no room for error because poor decisions are costly and unforgiving. Commercial projects can be delayed, their disruption felt for months or even years afterward, generating an expensive trickle-down effect. Consequently, ensuring peace of mind through a trustworthy flooring system is the highest priority. 

A double-stick installation, consisting of a layer of underlayment sandwiched above and below by layers of adhesive, provides numerous long-term benefits. Independently, correctly used flooring adhesives and underlayments can deliver tremendous value but aggregating these layers as a double-stick foundation vastly increases the lasting strength of the flooring. 

Commonly used in both wood and resilient flooring installations in large-scale, high-rise, and other commercial buildings, the double-stick method has remained a time-tested choice wherever superior sound and moisture control results are needed. These results invariably loom as major concerns in high-rise and other commercial buildings in which a great deal of activity occurs on each floor. Industry veterans recognize the double-stick foundation as instrumental to the flooring’s overall performance, security, and longevity, while helping to greatly reduce the likelihood of callbacks. Durable, effective flooring that can be quickly and easily applied is critical in a commercial landscape experiencing both increasingly condensed construction schedules and the possibility of costly closures. When abiding by the specifications and requirements of all manufacturers involved, the double stick-approach remains an elite option for attaining peace of mind throughout such projects.

Selecting the right adhesive is a pivotal decision that can further impact the success of double-stick applications in commercial jobs. A durable and dependable multilayered foundation requires the use of premium-grade adhesives in tandem with a layer of high-quality underlayment.

With increasing frequency, manufacturers have begun to offer complete double-stick systems, rather than merely one or two of the components involved. The financial perks, security, and time-based benefits of dealing with a single-source supplier during any large-scale or commercial flooring project are immeasurable. When operating under tight deadlines and working across large project areas, the presence of a sole entity capable of alleviating issues and answering a breadth of questions is of the highest value. In the case of a double-stick system that comes entirely from one supplier, all aspects of the system could be discussed with one source. Furthermore, such manufacturing approaches often feature lifetime warranties which provide an additional layer of security to the overall project.

Beyond the financial and communicative values of obtaining all layers of a double-stick system from one manufacturer, there also persist long-term technical merits of doing so. Using a flooring adhesive and underlayment from disparate manufacturers does not guarantee compatibility. Conversely, in the case of a single-source supplier, installers can trust that all double-stick components are optimized to work aggregately against issues like unwanted sound and moisture. The result is a dependable sound and moisture control solution that is as easy to use and apply as any other flooring installation on the market today. This rare occurrence of complete trust in their materials allows installers to operate with a greater timeliness, peace of mind, and understanding of the sound and moisture control properties of the system in place. 

Installers who opt to employ a double-stick installation strategy with the use of high-quality underlayments and premium-grade adhesives will gain a tremendous value from the materials used and see uniformly high success rates. Commercial undertakings present more challenges and pressured decision-making than any other variety of project, demanding a reliable and comprehensive flooring system with the capacity to reduce risks and prevent problems. The time-tested double-stick system has invariably proven to be a trustworthy solution for commercial installers.