The American Consumer and Worker Justice Coalition (ACWJC) recently published a statement acknowledging and accepting the decision of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) to apply a 10% additional tariff on vinyl flooring products being imported into the U.S. from China. Although the ACWJC fought for no additional tariffs, the coalition noted that Ambassador Robert E. Lighthizer and his team need to negotiate from a position of strength to achieve their goals, fair and equitable trade relations with the People’s Republic of China.

“We believe that a swift and effective conclusion to these negotiations will produce the maximum benefits for American citizens, American consumers and American workers,” ACWJC announced in a statement. “ We believe that a government that is working for its citizens, and helping both consumers and workers achieve a better life, is critical to our national mission. We trust Ambassador Lighthizer and his staff share the same values we have at ACWJC. Trade is one of the important issues in the world today. Now is the time for leadership and we hope that our small organization was able to contribute some added value to this national conversation.”

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