Argelith Ceramic Tiles recently collaborated with Colorado State University as part of the new student brewery operation.

In September, the fermentation science and technology program at CSU began brewing its first student-made batch of beer in the Ramskeller Brewery. Previously, students in the program brewed beer using home brewing equipment, but recently, Molson Coors donated a 264-gallon brewing system to the on-campus beer fermentation laboratory, making it the largest housed brewing system at any university in the country. The new brewery will allow students to learn on the same equipment used in the brewing industry.

When designing the facility, CSU decided to use hexagonal Argelith tiles for the brewery floor.

“It is simple; we went with Argelith tiles due to their stellar reputation and recommendation from people we trust across industries,” said Jeff Callaway, associate director of fermentation science and technology at CSU.

About one-third of the top 50 craft breweries in the U.S. use Argelith tiles. The heavy-duty tiles are better suited to the harsh conditions of beer production than nearly any other type of flooring, and the hexagon shape allows them to be sloped in nearly any configuration for proper drainage.

“I was originally introduced to Argelith tiles by a world-renowned brewing engineer and then when I saw them go into [two Colorado breweries] I knew it was the right choice,” Callaway continued. “I love the tiles so much that I keep one at my desk as a coaster that I can also use as a demonstration piece.”

Brewers like Argelith tiles because ceramic does not react to oils, acids, or caustic chemicals and is naturally hygienic. A special firing process makes Argelith tiles uniformly dense, so their absorption rate is less than 0.1% without any need for impregnation or sealants. This density also makes Argelith tiles super strong and resilient under extreme temperatures and heavy loads.

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