Stanton Carpet recently announced the launch of Stanton Street Decorative Commercial, a collection of 17 high-fashion carpet tiles and broadloom tailored for the decorative commercial market. 

Marking the company’s first foray into the commercial marketplace, Stanton Street brings the design talents of Stanton Carpet’s multiple brands together to feature an exclusive, competitively priced line of commercial carpet including standard tile and plank sizing and broadloom. Created and tested for heavy commercial use, all products are committed to quality, class I and hold a “stain safe” and “wear” warranty. Stanton Street’s color palette and luxe patterns are a reflection of contemporary, downtown interior design.

The collection includes solution-dyed nylon carpet tiles, solution-dyed polypropylene plank tiles and broadloom. It will be distributed through Stanton’s loyal dealer base and serviced by Stanton’s existing sales team. To help facilitate sales, the company is offering dealers a compact (68”W x 64”H x 22”D) and user-friendly display complete with room scenes, specifications and sample support.

We recently connected with Stanton President and CEO Jonathan Cohen to learn more about the initiative, key trends he is seeing, and what’s driving business on the luxury end of the market.

FT: Why was now the right time to launch Stanton’s decorative commercial division?

Cohen: Stanton Carpet has been working on the launch of a decorative commercial division for some time. Our market research uncovered an opportunity to provide our existing customer base who are familiar with Stanton Carpet’s high-quality standards and broad decorative offerings, products that could extend to their offices or Main Street businesses. Stanton Street addresses the need for beautiful, unique, contemporary and decorative looks that perform and also hold a “stain safe” and “wear” warranty.

FT: What is the outlook for high-end carpet for 2019?

Cohen: Current economic dynamics indicate optimism for the higher end market in 2019.  With tighter housing inventory and high home prices, many younger consumers end up living in their starter homes for 10+ years and focus on improving their current homes. The folks that do move typically engage in renovation/re-modeling.In both cases, with a stronger economic backdrop, people are more willing to invest in high quality products with more staying power. Stanton Carpets broadloom and fabricated rug market continues to grow and thrive because of dealer confidence in our high style, high quality products backed up with great service.

FT: What are the trends designers are seeking?

Cohen: In the commercial environment, there is a focus on making contract spaces feel more approachable and comfortable yet dynamic and versatile for multipurpose function. Commercial looks no longer have a corporate feel, but rather emulate styles that can be found in homes with bold abstract patterns and modern textures.  Stanton Street, the recently launched line of decorative commercial carpet tile and broadloom products, addresses the market need for beautiful and luxe patterns with flexible layout options that can withstand heavy commercial use.

Outdoor space continues to be an area where consumers are focusing on design to allow for entertaining both indoors and outdoors. This has spurred the growth of decorative indoor/outdoor rugs which are essential in anchoring outdoor living areas. Stanton has led the way in this area for years with high styling coupled with performance driven products.

In residential design, we have noticed a continuing trend of carpet application in dramatic entryways and stairs. These areas set the tone of a home and consumers are going with bold pattern choices in high performance fibers that can withstand modern family life.