Calhoun, Ga. -- Mohawk’s redesigned Five Star program, set to relaunch on January 1, 2019, will lead flooring retail into the future with an all new, best-in-class in-store experience. As a commitment to Floorscapes and ColorCenter retailers, the next evolution of the Aligned Dealer program will continue the branded stories and conversations in store that Mohawk is building online.

“The bottom line is – this branded storytelling is the ticket to a retailer’s success,” said Seth Arnold, vice president of residential marketing. “Five Star retailers will have the ability to accelerate a customer’s decision to buy by simplifying the shopping experience.”

Five Star is a turn-key marketing solution that uses inspiring signage, exclusive private label products and much more to make the consumer journey seamless and enjoyable. Annual showroom updates will keep spaces looking fresh and unique.

“Consumers are always looking for new and innovative products and experiences,” said Arnold. “Oftentimes, these are just a click away. But by consistently transforming our digital experience and renewing our retailers’ stores, we can help generate long-term loyalty and drive repeat purchases.”

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