Summit International Flooring has launched The Color Conductor, an online tool that helps users create unique rubber flooring tile. Users can use the program to mix-and-match an assortment of colors to form a custom design and order physical samples.

“The Color Conductor program has been a dream of mine for quite some time,” said David Numark, president and CEO of Summit International Flooring. “To be able to offer our clients the chance to create their own custom tiles is just incredible. I am hopeful that when users first use The Color Conductor, they will be happily surprised about how easy it is to create a truly unique product. They will have full control of what colors to use, how much of each color to put in, and what size rubber chips they want to use. Whether our clients are looking to create a tile for a commercial gym or a residential basement, The Color Conductor is going to be a great asset for them.”

Designed to look like a piano, The Color Conductor instructs users through each step of the design process by highlighting numbered ‘piano keys.’ By following the sequence, users will be able to create a tile, save it to a gallery, share it on social media, and see the tile in a room scene. If a user decides they want to create a swatch sample, all they have to do is fill out a form at the end.

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